About Us

Dabloggers is founded at the end of 2013. The Main Focus of The Blogger is to Provide the most informative pieces of information to people, Like nowadays internet users especially our youth taking too much interest in the field of Social media, news, technology, and Others.
Our easy and short post will Inshallah enable you To learn or increase your knowledge daily basis.


Believers in the idea of fair and honest reporting, Dabloggers has over the years provided news and comments on current affairs without political affiliations or hidden agendas. In addition to technologically advanced infrastructure, Dabloggers boasts an extensive network of correspondents both within and beyond the country, with state-of-the-art studios and linkup facilities in the federal and provincial capitals.


Bilal Khan is the creator of this Blog, He loves Blogging and initialized this site in 2013. He entered into the circle of blogging when He was only 15 years old. Besides Blogging.

Bilal Khan has an informal approach to work, focusing on the big picture. Appreciates art and might be pessimistic. Avoids routines and enjoys challenging creative tasks. Itself-reliant, independent, and dominant. Is open, talkative, and enthusiastic.